360 North supports and sponsors various brand issues and projects. We feel it’s an important part of our values to help and make a difference for those in need.

At 360 North we try to help the many who need light points, counseling and support in a difficult time. Many children and families need, just once and for all, to do things that are obvious to many other children and families. Therefore, 360 North has chosen to support the following projects.

Nils Jansson

Head of investment

Too many children in Denmark are alone with their problems. Børns Vilkår fight for no children in Denmark are left alone – neither of the child’s closest adults nor of society. We ensure that all children have at least one who listens – and we help the children to get the support and care they need. We are there for the kids every day. Always.

Røde Kors helps thousands of vulnerable families to have a merry Christmas with Christmas help. No child should feel outside. And not at Christmas time

FMKB wants to help those families who need light points, counseling and support at a time when happiness is not with them and their lives feel unfair. They need that they can only do things once and for all, which is a matter of course for other children and families..

Danske Hospitalsklovne is a charity association that visits infants and families in all 22 children’s departments and special offers and institutions for children and young people, including child psychiatric daycare and day care centers. Clown Society’s most important task is to create a safe and positive experience for the child in the hospital. The hospital clown spreads the smile and joy of children and families in need when it is most needed.

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