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Investment team

360 North works with focus and selectively with investments in classic properties in inner Copenhagen.

In Investment, we work enthusiastically and at an extremely fast pace. The financial modelling is also supported by macroeconomic and fundamental analysis of thousands of data points from the market and our existing portfolio of properties.
These data points are gathered in our data model and ensure that we are always consistent in our analyses, which forms the background for our analyses.

It is our clear conviction that if things cannot be proved with factual information and data, then it cannot be included as a decision-making

element for the investment. This means that our analysts always work on gathering new data from the market to ensure that our decision-making process is optimal.

360 North has an objective to complete all investments in 30 days and also contribute with especially high transaction security without reservation for financing. The many processes that support the acquisitions are well-formulated, which is necessary in order to have dedicated advisers who can assist us on all levels. This way of working requires trust between the parties in order for our Due Diligence process to function optimally.

Asset Management

In Asset Management, the department is responsible for the general development of the properties and the planned strategy/business case that is defined in connection with the acquisition of the properties. The work also includes assisting “Investment Management” and other advisers in the due diligence process in regard to the acquisition of properties. From here – depending on the development potential of the property – work is done on everything from optimising operation, energy initiatives, renovation and conversion of tenancies as well as any attic apartment projects.

Asset Management has a broad range, from project management to development and maintenance

tasks. Moreover, there is also regular contact and negotiations with external consultants and suppliers, just as work is done with the leasing and optimising of commercial leases (from offices to shops). In some cases, also in cooperation with external property agents.

Asset Management consists of ongoing internal reporting so that you always know how far the execution of the business plans has come on the individual properties.

We also attend to the leasing of our available tenancies, including showing the tenancies and preparation of lease contracts.

Asset Management consists of ongoing internal reporting so that you always know how far the execution of the business plans has come on the individual properties.

Tenant Contact

Tenant Contact is a service team that is in close dialogue with the tenants and we play on our tenants’ half of the court.

The service team attends to the tenants’ requirements and needs. These may be minor things, but could also be special requirements for their apartment/the property. This could be a new kitchen/bathroom or perhaps a desire for a larger/smaller/other apartment.
If our tenants have any challenges, we go out immediately and find solutions together with the tenant.
We have an ambition to be the tenant’s ambassadors and we are out among tenants on a daily basis to respond to what they may want.

Tenant Contact helps to make buildings into a home and, for 360 North, you are not just a tenant but also a unique client and we would very much like to make sure you are happy with your home.

360 North would like to be considered as a Service Provider and we work hard on getting rid of the old perception of the landlord versus the tenant. In contrast, we would like to create dialogue and cooperation with our tenants.


Our vision is to change the relationship between landlord and tenant, which has traditionally been governed by complaints. We want to move away from this. 360 North’s objective is to become a service provider for our tenants. For this purpose, we have established a call centre, for the purpose of strenghtening the dialogue the our tenants.

We are actually devoted to service. Our tenants should feel as if they live in a hotel. If their refrigerator fails, they must be able to call and get a new one on the same day. And if water damage occurs the day before a big 50th birthday party, we solve the problem before the guests arrive.

We digitise our properties so we can make our tenants aware of changes and improvements easily and efficiently. But we can also provide a better service, regardless of whether this is about changing bulbs in the stairwells, or the stairs are washed as soon as they are dirty and not just on Mondays. We are busy developing an app so we can improve the communication with our tenants. Our mission is to get to the point where we resolve our tenants’ problems before they even realise they have any.


Development’s goal is to improve the real estate that 360 North invests in. This means upgrading the properties so that our tenants get a better experience living in their home.

In Development there are two main focuses: fortifying and maintaining the old housing stock we invest in. We are replacing things that are worn out and broken, whilst making sure the tenants have the experience of a well-lit and well-kept building.


When we buy older properties, we also contribute to maintaining the appearance and environment of Copenhagen. We are committed to protect the originality of the buildings as well as creating homes that our tenants will love.

Development’s most important task is to ensure that the property is in a good condition. This is why we have a holistic approach when making comprehensive renovations of a property and go through all of its aspects – bringing new life to homes.

Development's most important task is to ensure that the property is in a good condition.

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