We love Copenhagen and have a clear vision of improving buildings, homes and the city

360 North was established in 2013, and we have been busy ever since. Our scope of services includes investing, developing and administrating properties throughout Copenhagen. We manage a property portfolio of premier assets in Denmark, primarily consisting of classic Copenhagen buildings in the inner city, Frederiksberg and the surrounding ‘bridge districts’.

We develop and administrate our properties based on a clear vision of improving buildings, homes and the city. And we do it with responsibility and respect for all parties involved.

The first issue of the 360 North Magazine, is available now.

This has been a process and something that continues to be focused on. We have prepared this magazine to show what 360 North actually does, what types of properties we acquire and why it is so important that we renovate them in order to retain the beautiful properties in Copenhagen which, over many years, have been neglected.

For this task, we are working together with the best partners and, therefore, in the magazine we have also placed importance on highlighting them and our cooperation. Behind the beautiful properties we manage, apartments and properties we renovate, is a band of soon to be 100 employees who perform at their best every day so that 360 North’s visions and intentions become a reality.

We create homes

We do not consider our residents as tenants – but as partners who have their homes in our buildings. A home is a person’s base, their security and the environment of their future. We manage other people’s homes – and this makes demands on the way we develop and administrate properties. This is why we use some of the country’s best architects and conduct our own property management. We strive to offer the industry’s highest level of service and to ensure that it is always easy for our residents to get in touch with us.

We make the city better

We love bricks. We love what buildings can do for a local neighbourhood, when they are beautiful and well maintained. Therefore, we mostly invest in existing properties with soul and history. Whether a building has been neglected or not, we do everything within our power to make it better. We help enhance many of our beautiful facades, and we always develop a building with consideration for the area it is in. Therefore, we also focus on the outdoor environment and how it contributes to the cityscape, as well as which commercial tenants are most beneficial for the area.

We do things properly

Copenhagen’s strong population growth and a booming housing market, has contributed to an undersupply of rental housing. 360 North are addressing this by bringing to market previously unavailable residential units and by refurbishing and improving long under-invested properties to make them appealing to a wider base of users. The properties are managed in cooperation with the tenants and surrounding communities and in accordance with local regulations.

At 360 North, we focus on important values such as decency and honesty. We are committed to only using the best craftsmen and ensuring that our employees strive to do the very best for our tenants. The bar we set in terms of quality is high. You are left in no doubt about this when you work with us or live in one of our properties

Our partners

360 North oversees a premier property portfolio of classic properties throughout Copenhagen, which are developed and cared for with the highest standards. This is made possible because of the commitment of our partners to excellence. Our largest partner is Blackstone Real Estate; for further information Please click here

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You are always welcome to contact us as a tenant, partner or just to hear more about who we are.
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